Magistrate and Senior Advisor to the Judge Janette Bell
Magistrate Benjamin Neylon
Magistrate Christopher Tucci
Magistrate Jessica Wright
Director of Adminstration Anthony Goff
Deputy Court Administrator Chris Coan
Intake Supervisor Keith Montesano
Chief Probation Officer Frank Zupancic
Detention Director John Zinnicker
Detention Superintendent Tim Brown
Director of Educational Services Dennis Carr
Chief Deputy Clerk   Leticia Jimenez
Assistant Director of Finance and Human Resources Tami Carthen
Administrative Assistant to Judge Lawson Phylicia Chiappone
Chief Bailiff Cynthia Miller
Assignment Commissioner Amy Gehring
IV-D Docket Scheduler Maria Martin



“ By you and your colleagues taking the time..., it hopefully demonstrated to [the juveniles] your true desire that they grow into strong, purposeful young adults.”